Ste-ph-en W-ill-i-am Haw-k-ing i-s a Bri-t-ish the-or-et-ic-al phy-si-ci-st a-n-d co-s-mo-lo-gi-st, who-se sci-en-ti-fi-c bo-ok-s a-n-d pub-li-c ap-pe-ar-an-ce-s ha-ve ma-de him a-n ac-a-de-mi-c ce-le-br-it-y. H-e ma-de a gu-est ap-pe-ar-an-ce i-n t-h-e ga-me Do-om a-s t-h-e fi-n-al bo-ss i-n ep-is-o-de 3. H-e al-so ap-pe-ar-ed i-n t-h-e S.-O.-D. i-n 1 o-f th-e-i-r so-ng-s i-n t-h-e al-bu-m Sp-ea-k Eng-li-sh o-r D-i-e, a-n-d su-ng ve-ry fa-st, ir-on-ic-ly.

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