The British Bits are a group on the Internet, which make videos.


The British Bits was created when Edwyn Cassidy wanted to make videos for the internet. He told his brother, Conor, and Conor made it better (LOL). Then the awesomeness began to be born. Firstly, they used their Newgrounds account, where they made Shaddap; the most awesome flash animation to be born. However, it was almost immediately blammed off newgrounds. Then, after it was blammed, the British Bits carried on. They created another flash animation, and that went in. However, unlike Shaddap this wasn't simply blammed of newgrounds. It was fatalitied off of newgrounds. It wasn't until Conor created Orniments: Episode 1 that the British Bits finally made an animation which was able to actually stay on newgrounds. Since then Conor has abandoned the project, leaving many viewers angry about how the series ends despite Conor clearly saying that there will be more episodes. Why, I ought to reward</span> that complete God</span> by giving him a ton o' money</span> to the bank account</span>.