Zed Zemulwuyli kaZenzangakhona, better known as Z (Born 0 AD, pronounced "Zed", not "Zee") was a Zulu-Aborginee musician, who invented genres in Rock like Funk. He is said to have coined terms like "Groove" and "Funk" with his best friends as a teenager.

Z is famous for his trademarked Afro and shades, and also his performances; he is able to perform a quick 20-note Guitar Solo in a few seconds with only one hand. His stage performances are famous for the lighting effects, the guest-stars, and most of all; the rubbish-talking that goes on the stage.

Early LifeEdit

Z was born in the year 0 AD at an early age by two parents, somewhere in Africa. His father was an Aboriginee Samurai who battled several champions in the tournament of Mortal Kombat, while his mother was an African tribal woman of the Zulu nation. Z was best friends with both Jimi Hendrix and Jesus Christ, who he met in Primary School. It was the three of them who coined the terms that would describe his music.


The three each embarked on their own journeys; you may know the story of Christ and Hendrix. If not look them up. Meanwhile, Z decided to immigrate to Dimension X, where he was inspired to found Dimension Z. With this, he started his first famous tour, starting in Dimension Z, moving forward to Dimensions A - Y. He got bored of this genre of music, and he moved to Earth after 1900 years, where he created his new genre.


When Z arrived on Earth in the 1970s, he tested out his new genre on audiences, with his famous deput album; "Experimental Riffs". The album was made up entirely of impressive, funky Guitar riffs, with some vocal tracks. The album sold poorly, and so Z murdered his record-label's agent, moved to a new record label and sold the album successfully. Z's success made him famous; he soon embarked on a huge concert.


  1. Experimental Riffs (1976)
  2. Z (1978)
  3. Z From Hell (1980)
  4. Z Himself (1982)
  5. Warrior Demons of Dimension Z (1984)
  6. XYZ (1985) (EP)
  7. Prisoners of Cell Z (1986)
  8. Decade Z (1988)
  9. Z Himself Live (1990)
  10. This Album Has "Z" in the Title (EP, 1992)
  11. This Album Doesn't (EP, 1993)
  12. Z2 (1994)
  13. Zed (Not the Hillbilly Rapist) (1996)
  14. Zed Three (1996)
  15. ZZ Top, But With Z (1997)
  16. Z Live (1998)
  17. Live from Zeding (1998)
  18. The Millenium of Z (2000)
  19. Experimental Riffs Live... With Z (2003)
  20. Z From Hell Live (2005)
  21. Warrior Demons of Dimension Z Live (2005)
  22. Z, Hendrix and Christ (Except the Last Two are Dead) (2010)